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About AURA


  • We work with our customers from task definition through project planning, system design, production and documentation to after-sales service.
  • Our production department uses the latest technologies and procedures for bending, cutting, welding, NDT, wiring, configuration, simulation and testing to ensure safe and smooth operation and monitoring.

AURA holds key national and international quality certificates and licences. These include ISO 9001:2015, PED/AD2000 (Europe), ASME U-/S-Stamp (USA), Manufacturer’s License (China), Steel Construction according to EN1090, etc. We also meet the highest quality standards in design and manufacture to DIN4754, VDI3033 and TUEV.

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To ensure a long service life, even in extreme conditions such as marine or desert environments, safe and durable systems are designed and manufactured using experience gained since 1982.

All components are easily accessible, mounted on a steel skid, piped and quality tested. Electrical equipment is connected, configured and performance tested. Connection points to on-site equipment are easily accessible. Safety and short assembly times are ensured by electrical wiring and full quality checks in the workshop.


AURA is a family business, founded in 1982, and that is how we see our employees – as a family. Together we move things, advance technologies and achieve great things as a real team.

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We don’t just want employees, we want a sustainable, growing team that will work together over the years to advance process heat around the world. Many of our colleagues have been part of the AURA family for a long time, many for more than 25 years. But also young graduates – “freshly trained” – enrich us as an important part of the team.

Our team is proud to work on technologies and equipment that are used around the world to minimise CO2 emissions and help our customers be more successful.

At AURA, more than 90 people are involved from the initial design of a customer enquiry through to training during system commissioning. This involves true collaboration and holistic thinking in a diverse global team. The complete value chain from design, engineering, procurement to manufacturing – all in one company.


  • Customer satisfaction is our most valuable asset. We take pride in contributing to our customers’ success.
  • Long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers and service providers are a strong basis on which stable and mutual benefits are achieved.
  • Innovation is the key to success. Through the use of advanced technologies, we design the most efficient systems with the aim of minimising CO2 emissions and thus global warming.




AURA Brochure – German Extended

AURA Brochure – English Short

AURA Brochure – English Extended

AURA Brochure – German

AURA Brochure – Short

AURA Brochure – English