Hot water heating system, thermal oil or steam heated

Hot water heating system heated with thermal oil or steam for heat production. The system can be integrated into a wide range of industrial processes requiring controlled heat supply, for example for heating autoclaves, calenders, extruders or agitator vessels. The heating system operates in a temperature range between 120°C – 230°C and generates an output […]


Thermal oil heating system, steam heated

Heating systems with thermal oil are characterised by excellent energy efficiency by minimal wear. The steam-heated thermal oil system is suitable for heating processes that need to be precisely tempered and require different temperature levels. Steam as a heat transfer medium is often not suitable as it can be used for precise temperature control. Up […]


Secondary control circuit for AURA process systems

Secondary control circuits supply consumers with heat and cold at precisely adjustable media temperatures. Several secondary circuits can be supplied by one heater. Thus, a wide range of different temperature levels and outputs is possible with one heater source. AURA secondary circuits are available both with and without coolers. Up to: 2400kW, 236 m3/h and […]


Steam / thermal oil heated heating system for edible oil

The heating system for edible oil is operated with thermal oil or steam and is ideal for use in the food processing industry. Both the thermal oil heated version and the steam heated version operate in a edible oil temperature range between 120°C to 240°C and generate up to 3000 kW of power. All AURA […]


Steam generators from 100 kW to 10 MW capacity

The AURA steam generator system is indirectly heated with thermal oil and can generate a steam pressure of up to 30 bar. The AURA steam generator system operates in a temperature range between 120°C – 240°C and has an additional pre-mounted feed water degassing unit. All AURA systems are individually designed and adapted for the […]


Thermal oil heating system electrically operated

Thermal oil heating systems are extremely efficient in heat transfer and have very low wear. The electrically heated thermal oil heating system does not require an additional boiler and can therefore be integrated into existing systems in a particularly space-saving manner. In addition, a particularly gentle and precise heating of the thermal oil can be […]


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