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All Aura systems are designed in close partnership with our customers to meet their specific needs.


The operation of machinery such as presses, calenders, dryers, agitators, evaporators, etc. requires process-related thermal heating and/or cooling. This places different demands on the thermal oil system, be it power, temperature, flow or pressure. All parameters are interrelated and require special attention to ensure a cost effective, high quality and sustainable system. In addition, specific regulations must be considered and incorporated into the design.

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AURA has extensive experience in the engineering of process heating systems. This includes…

Process design

  • System performance and control design
  • Customer’s PLC integration
  • Safety analysis (SIL, HAZOP etc.)
  • Thermal calculation of components
  • Pressure calculation for each unit in the system
  • Hydraulic calculation of the system piping

System design

  • Depending on space requirements and customer preference, the heater will need to be customised.
  • 3D design
  • Piping design
  • Piping stress analysis with CESAR II
  • System steel design

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